he Alaskan brewing company is the oldest operating brewery in Alaska, with their amber beer being their most popular brand. They produce two other brands as well, pale ale and Alaskan frontier amber. If you enjoy fresh amber beer, Alaskan brewing is what you want.Der Biergarten has 32 drafts in its 100% outdoor Beer Garden and often there are 2 from Alaskan Brewing.

A little about The Alaskan Brewery that offers several different styles of brew.

1. Amber – This is the company’s flagship beer, based on a turn of the century recipe that was used to quench the thirst of the miners during the Gold Rush era. It provides a smooth, malty, rich taste that goes well with meals – or friends. This is often at Der Biergarten and goes great with a Belgie Sandwich.

2. Pale – Pale is fresh, crips, and inviting. Alaskan pale is great with and of Der Biergartens sausages but especially good with our Brats. The floral aroma of the hops is from dry hopping the tanks during the entire fermentation process.

3. Stout – The oatmeal style beer of stout doesn’t have the harshness of other stouts. Great with chocolate or our Strudel. Stout is also ideal to enjoy while walking in the snow or the cold nights in Midtown Sacramento.

4. ESB – If you like hops, the infusion of hops in this delight will amaze your nose while the refreshing cascade hops will provide a wonderful crispness to both the flavor and the finish. We have this a few times a year at Midtown’s Beer Garden, however it goes quick.

5. Smoked porter – This is the hard to get one for us and it’s very exclusive, Alaskan smoked porter has a world class reputation for its excellence. Brewed in the fall, this beer is ideal for storing and if you see it in a bar, get it quick.

6. Winter ale – This tender brew of spruce trees has been used for brewing in Alaska since the late 1700s, but only served at Sacramento’s first beer garden a few times a year.

Alaskan Beers are just a few of the beers Sacramento’s First Cargo Container Beer Garden sells. It specializes in German beers and lite german fare and is 100% outdoors. It closes for rain but is open a lot due to Sacramentos great climate and seasons.

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