Midtown BierGaten, Sacramento

Midtown Sacramento's First and only True Beer Garden

Sacramento's premier Beer Garden is situated in the heart of Midtown at the intersection of 24th and K streets. This unique establishment stands out as the city's first and only authentic Beer Garden, offering a diverse selection of craft beers and a vibrant atmosphere for patrons to enjoy.

Der Biergarten in Sacramento is the perfect destination for those looking to enjoy authentic German beer and cuisine in a lively and social atmosphere. This unique spot in Midtown Sacramento offers a modern twist on the traditional German beer garden, providing guests with an extensive selection of 32 beers on draft and freshly-made sausages from Sacramento’s top German Butcher.

What sets Der Biergarten apart is its commitment to creating an authentic German experience. The traditional Biergarten tables, imported from Germany, invite guests to gather together in a communal setting while enjoying their beer from classic half and full liter steins. Located on a previously vacant lot at 24th and K Streets, the outdoor setting allows guests to bask in the sunshine during the day and admire the stars at night.

Although Der Biergarten may not have televisions, music, or a dance floor, it more than makes up for it with its focus on socializing and connection. Whether you’re catching up with friends at a table or engaging in a friendly game of Corn Hole or Ping Pong, the lively atmosphere is sure to make your visit memorable. Come and experience the true spirit of a German beer garden right here in the heart of Sacramento.