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The Oktoberfest is the largest German beer festival of the world and takes place every year in Munich, Germany. This event is attended by more than six million people every year. This festival starts in mid or end of September and continues for 16-18 days i.e. it ends in first week of October. The preparations for opening ceremony of this fest start before three months i.e. in June. This fest is also called as Wiesn by the local people. People also have a lot of fun in addition to the tasting beer as there are many fun rides on one side and beer tents on the other side.


Oktoberfest is an essential element of Bavarian culture since the year 1810. The prince of Bavaria, Ludwig married to the princess of Saxony-Hildburghausen, Therese. The local people were invited to attend the wedding ceremony which was held in the fields. In the honor of Princess Therese, these fields were renamed Theresienwiese. This festival continues to be held in 1811 with the addition feature of horse race to promote Bavarian agriculture and economy. Agriculture show is now organized after every 3 years during this fest in the southern area of the fields but horse race does not happen now. The people of Munich took decision to organize this fest every year on their own since year 1819.The fun rides were set up in 1818 for the first time. There was also increase in the number of fun rides since 1870.The numbers of visitors enjoying beer at small beer stands grew rapidly. It was decided in 1896 to replace beer stands by beer tents which were set up by different breweries. The culture of tapping the beer keg was introduced in the year 1950 by the mayor Thomas Wimmer.

Events held in Oktoberfest:-

• Carousel:-
The children can enjoy traditional as well as modern fun rides like, toboggan, the Olympia looping, Ferris wheel etc. Most of the families go to the fest on Tuesday as Tuesday is a family day in this fest. You can also get discount on all rides from 12 pm to 6 pm.

• Music concert:-
There is also a music concert held in Oktoberfest in which you can enjoy different types of music like famous songs of German such as Ich bin der Anton aus Tirol, Stein und Eisen bricht, Marmor etc. and also Bavarian wind music. You can also enjoy listening pop songs of various countries.

• Brass band concert:-

There will also be a brass band concert this year which will be performed by Weisn bands. This concert will take place at Bavaria monument around 11am. You will have a lot of fun while watching this great concert.

• Other attractions:-

The people can have authentic beer experience in the beer garden as well as in the beer halls. The opening ceremony of this fest starts with tapping of beer keg by the mayor of Munich at the Schottenhamel tent. There are many food stalls where people can taste all types of German food. So everyone who likes beer very much should go to the Munich.

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