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Welcome to the Der BierGarten site. We hope it answers all your questions about Der BierGarten, Sacramento’s only German style outdoor Beer Garden. We are not a traditional BierGarten but rater a urban Beer Garden. A place for people that live in Midtown Sacramento to come and relax over a great German Beer or other local beer. We have 30 taps so there is always a revolving tap with a beer you will like. We are family friendly as well as Dog friendly to well behaved dogs on a leash. Owners are responsible for the behavior of their pet at all times and will be asked to leave if their pet is not behaving in a friendly well behaved manner or disturbing other guests.

Being brought up by a German mother who immigrated here in a sponsorship program, I have always loved German food and  hope that our Beer Garden will feature some of your favorites. We will have all the German staples served at many Biergartens thru Europe, but also a rotating selection of American Beer Garden foods.

Der Biergarten located in Midtown Sacramento, Ca will also have free WiFi and events thru-out the year celebrating all things German. Oktoberfest, Fasching, Bock Beer Fest and many more parties will be held at the Beer Gardens location.

So we hope you enjoy the site and look forward to meeting you at Der BierGarten (Beer Garden) in Midtown Sacramento soon,


Sean & Erika Derfield

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