What is a good beer or brew for cold weather?

Question: What is a good brew for cold weather?
It is the middle of wintertime. What is a brew lover to do? Personally, I do not pay that much attention to the climate when I am picking out brew, at least not consciously. I possibly pick different beers one a red-hot pleasant era than I would on a freezing, rainy day but I do not do so with a mean. Even so, I know that there are some beers than give themselves more easily to cold weather than others.
Answer: Go dark. My first thoughts are of dark beers: porters or doppelbock’s, the really dark ones. Their spice tends to be big and chewy and requires that you slow down and savor them. After all, when a freezing breath is hammering around outside, who wants to be gulping down cold ones? No, when you are sitting at the fireplace with a covering around your shoulders and drinking a great dark beer. Slow down with and sip contemplatively while you stare and the flames and consider your own mortality.
Besides being sipping beers, the large-scale, darks forms tend to preference good whether the outside temperature is freezing or warm. You can get a glass of the sudsy concoction and have it in a snifter in your hand and warm up and it is just as delicious as it was when you grabbed it out of the refrigerator. Lighter beers, extremely Pilsner and wan lagers, are approximately unpalatable when they get up to room temperature so they are best shunned when you are trying to stay warm. Go local if you can as it’s usually fresher. After all you sitting at home and staring at the flame regardless, maybe you met someone nice at the brewery to drink with you. If not at home with the fire and if the roads are not too bad, why not sound over to your regional brewpub? It “doesn’t really” matter what they are serving, the comradely of a very warm table on a freezing era is enough to thaw the iciest of moods. Go boozy, The extreme brew fluctuation has brought a whole emcee of high-alcohol beers to our brew collect shelves. Besides being delectable sippers, these beers carry that added benefit of the warming detect of booze. There is nothing cozier than spending an hour or so sipping a rich, flavorful extreme brew and searching its spices as it warms and changes character in your hand. So maybe you simply don’t want a brew. It’s cold and brew is a freezing drinking and good-for-nothing I say can reassure you to think otherwise. Fine, but remember, the warm climate is just two or three months away so why not take advantage of the cold weather down time to put back some homebrew? The red-hot steam from the brew pot and the smell of malted and hops will surely defrost your frozen beer-lovin’ person.

Or go to a festival, Believe it or not but breweries and organizers are containing brew fairs in this ridiculous climate. Having attended a couple , great beers happen at these festival. I can report that they are really enjoyable. Sure, it is cold as heck but good brew is spurting and there is usually some kind of heat source for everyone to gather around. There’s no better way to get close with your fellow brew lovers.

Munich Madness: Oktoberfest and Beer Halls

About 6,000 longing revelers will crowd into one brew tent during Munich’s Oktoberfest celebration. A Biergarten is not a kindergarten — expect your brew glass to viewed a liter( about a quart) of Munich’s finest brew.
For conventional Bavarian amusing , nothing makes a good old-hat brew dormitory. Munich is Germany’s beer capital, and its brew residences come with flows of brew, inexpensive meat, loud amusing, and oompah music.

The partying goes turned up a notch every fall, when the city celebrates Oktoberfest. The festival happens simply over 2 week, starting on the third Saturday in September and usually discontinuing on the first Sunday in October( but never before Oct. 3 — the day Germany celebrates its reunification ).

Oktoberfest kickings situations off with an opening procession of more than 6,000 participates. Every light, it replenishes eight vast brew tents with about 6,000 defendants each. A million gallons of brew eventually, they cook the last ox.

The Theresienwiese fairground( south of the primary learn terminal ), known as the “Wies’n,” spews in a ferment of moves, dancing, and strangers strolling arm-in-arm down rows of outing bars, while the brew sanctity precipitate tons of liquor, pretzels, and wurst in a bubble cauldron of amusing. The triple-loop roller coaster must be the wildest on macrocosm( best before the beer-drinking ). During the fair, the city segments even better than normal. It’s a good time to sightsee, even if beer-hall rowdiness isn’t your cup of tea.

If you’re not examining while the party’s on, don’t worry: You can still dance to noisy airstrips, munch vast pretzels, and show off your stein-hoisting cleverness any time of year at Munich’s classic brew residences. While it can be extremely touristy, everybody’s having lots of fun.

There are plenty of other intoxicating Munich beer residences. Spatenhaus is the opera-goers’ brew dormitory, dishing more stylish meat in a conventional were set out in the square facing the opu and palace. The stylish Andechser am Dom, at the rear of the twin-domed Frauenkirche, accomplishes Andechs beer and massive meat to intelligent regulars. Nurnberger Bratwurst Glockl am Dom, simply across from Andechser am Dom, is favourite with sightseers. Dine outside within the meaning of the trees or in the dark, archaic, cozy interior — patrolled by wenches and spiked with antlers.

For the brew revolutionary, there’s the humble Beer and Oktoberfest Museum in the city center, which offers a low-tech and underwhelming take over beer’s history and the causes of the city’s Oktoberfest celebration.

Wandering through the legions of joyous beer-drinkers in the brew residences, it resulted to me that, unlike with wine-colored, more silver doesn’t get you a better beer. Beer is truly a people’s gulp, and you’ll get the more good here in Munich. Experts have their favorite liquids — and to get it, they don’t liquidate more…they simply” return to the” brew hall that serves it.

A beer hall is a classic Munich gemutlich scene. Gemutlich is the perfect word for Bavaria’s special coziness and inclination for savoring the moment. It’s particularly strong during Oktoberfest, but you can feel it anytime by spending an night in a foaming brew dormitory, clinking containers with new friends, immersed in a boisterous and ejecting Bavarian atmosphere.

Oktoberfest in Munich

The Oktoberfest is the largest German beer festival of the world and takes place every year in Munich, Germany. This event is attended by more than six million people every year. This festival starts in mid or end of September and continues for 16-18 days i.e. it ends in first week of October. The preparations for opening ceremony of this fest start before three months i.e. in June. This fest is also called as Wiesn by the local people. People also have a lot of fun in addition to the tasting beer as there are many fun rides on one side and beer tents on the other side.


Oktoberfest is an essential element of Bavarian culture since the year 1810. The prince of Bavaria, Ludwig married to the princess of Saxony-Hildburghausen, Therese. The local people were invited to attend the wedding ceremony which was held in the fields. In the honor of Princess Therese, these fields were renamed Theresienwiese. This festival continues to be held in 1811 with the addition feature of horse race to promote Bavarian agriculture and economy. Agriculture show is now organized after every 3 years during this fest in the southern area of the fields but horse race does not happen now. The people of Munich took decision to organize this fest every year on their own since year 1819.The fun rides were set up in 1818 for the first time. There was also increase in the number of fun rides since 1870.The numbers of visitors enjoying beer at small beer stands grew rapidly. It was decided in 1896 to replace beer stands by beer tents which were set up by different breweries. The culture of tapping the beer keg was introduced in the year 1950 by the mayor Thomas Wimmer.

Events held in Oktoberfest:-

• Carousel:-
The children can enjoy traditional as well as modern fun rides like, toboggan, the Olympia looping, Ferris wheel etc. Most of the families go to the fest on Tuesday as Tuesday is a family day in this fest. You can also get discount on all rides from 12 pm to 6 pm.

• Music concert:-
There is also a music concert held in Oktoberfest in which you can enjoy different types of music like famous songs of German such as Ich bin der Anton aus Tirol, Stein und Eisen bricht, Marmor etc. and also Bavarian wind music. You can also enjoy listening pop songs of various countries.

• Brass band concert:-

There will also be a brass band concert this year which will be performed by Weisn bands. This concert will take place at Bavaria monument around 11am. You will have a lot of fun while watching this great concert.

• Other attractions:-

The people can have authentic beer experience in the beer garden as well as in the beer halls. The opening ceremony of this fest starts with tapping of beer keg by the mayor of Munich at the Schottenhamel tent. There are many food stalls where people can taste all types of German food. So everyone who likes beer very much should go to the Munich.

Frozen Beer Hits Sacramento

Der Biergarten Beats the Heat with First Servings of
Frozen Beer in Sacramento
The famed Japanese frozen beer is now available at Sacramento’s very own German beer garden.
Sacramento, 6/24/2016: After wowing beer lovers from Tokyo to Toronto, the taste of frozen beer has now spilled over into Sacramento. Just when the temperatures are hitting a hundred, the frost laden beer is on the top of the menu at Der Biergarten, the urban take on traditional German beer gardens.

Frozen beer has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity in Japan and elsewhere since its introduction in 2010. Contrary to popular belief, the beer is not entirely frozen, but topped with a frosty swirl of booze which caps and insulates the beer body. The frozen topping locks in carbon dioxide to keep the drink chilled to the bottom for over 45 minutes. The softie like appearance is pleasing to the eyes, and the beer remains cold till the last sip, making it a refreshing drink in hot summers. The beer is pure and contains zero additives, with a range of topping options, from craft to traditional beer.

Der Biergarten has now brought this bar delight to Sacramento with specialized spiral technology, which is the finest way to freeze alcohol. As the place with the most German beers on draft in Norcal, the beer garden offers a complete outdoor venue offering 32 beers on draft with light German fare.

“We waited for the mercury to hit the hundred degree mark, and rolled out the first servings of frozen beer in Sacramento. On a simmering afternoon or evening, this will be a pure delight for beer lovers of all ages. It can be had as a top up or your main menu,” said Sean Derfield, owner, Der Biergarten.

Der Biergarten offers Sacramento the purest experience of a German beer garden, with shade, misters, and now frozen beer. It serves all German staples popular in Europe in half and full liter steins, along with American beer garden food in a communal seating atmosphere. The place for all things German, it celebrates the Oktoberfest, Fasching, Bock Beer Fest and other events throughout the year.

About Der Biergarten
Der Biergarten is Sacramento’s spot to come and socialize over some great German beer and light German fare. The Midtown Sacramento beer lover’s spot is a twist on the traditional German beer garden. as a 100% outdoor venue specializes in light German fare and 32 beers on draft. It also specializes in German and craft beers.
For more information, please visit: http://www.dbMidtown.com

For media inquiries:

Sean Derfield Email: Sederfield@hotmail.com
2332 K Street, Sacramento Phone: 916-524-5275
CA 95816

Frozen_Beer__final press releae 6.24

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Another great beer, Alesmith IPA: A Perfectly Balanced India Pale Ale

West coast style IPA’s have become all of the rage in recent years, and with some of them ranging from mildly hopped single IPA’s to smack you in the face, super hopped, giant Imperial IPA’s, there’s always something for everyone. However, for those looking for one of the most balanced, perfect example of the style, they may want to look for Alesmith IPA. As their brewery continues to expand and production continues to climb, be sure to look for it on your next visit to Der Biergarten in Sacramento, CA.
Hailing from San Diego County, Alesmith has risen up the ranks as one of the premier breweries in one of the greatest beer cities in America, if not the world. The beer itself usually comes in 22 oz bottles, has no fancy name, no over-the-top fancy label, just super delicious beer. Coming in at 7.2% abv, the brew pours a very nice burnt-orange color with a nice white head. The aroma that escapes from the bottle or glass is that of citrus, and hints of pineapple or peach. It’s clear as can be, just upon a sniff of this stuff that it’s west coast IPA all the way.
Enough of the sniffing and smelling though—now it’s time for the true test, the taste! Oh, it’s everything that you wish it would be, and more. It doesn’t completely smack you in the face with bitterness, but instead delivers a perfect balance of piney notes, some light maltiness, and overall just an incredibly delicious IPA. There’s nothing pretentious about this beer, and it’s clear from the way that it was brewed that the brewers were not trying to create some hop bomb that would destroy the taste buds. Fans of big, imperial IPA’s might be left a little unsatisfied with the amount of hops, but once they take a moment to admire more of the old-school brewing tradition of creating a perfect balance, they should really appreciate and enjoy this one. Alesmith is truly one of the master breweries that consistently churns out one great beer after another, and this one, the simple, straight-forward Alesmith IPA just may be their flagship beer.

Great Green Flash Brewing Company: Just Another Great West Coast Brew

With more than 140 breweries now in San Diego County, it’s difficult to single out any brewery in the area as the best of the best, but without question, one of the breweries that continues to stand out is Green Flash Brewing Company. The brewery, which opened back in 2002 is one of the staples of the community, and has delivered one amazing beer after another. As if that wasn’t enough, the recently acquired Alpine Beer Company from Alpine, CA. Also a mastery brewery, the combination of the two definitely puts them near the top of the list of best breweries.
In recent years, the brewery has increased their output and production, and with another location set to open up in Virginia Beach, VA, this year, there’s no question that Green Flash beers will be available just about everywhere in the country.
Green Flash is largely responsible for the explosion of the west coast IPA style throughout the country. Their India Pale Ale, simply named West Coast IPA is a heavily hopped brew that comes in at 93 IBU. It definitely attacks the taste buds, and delivers a high-dosage of hops and bitterness. If looking for a true, big and bold IPA, this will deliver a great example of the style.
The great thing about Green Flash is that they’re constantly releasing special releases to go alongside their year round beers. In addition to the year round brews such as Soul Style IPA, 30th Street Pale Ale, Le Freak, and others, you should also look for a seasonal such as the 10.1% Green Bullet IPA, or the Jibe IPA, a simple session at 4.0%.
As mentioned, they recently acquired Alpine Beer Company, so if you are fortunate to secure anything from Alpine, they are definitely worth trying. Their Nelson IPA reigns supreme in their lineup, but others including Pure Hoppiness, Duet, or the rare Exponential Hoppiness are all must-haves.
If there’s one thing that can be said about Green Flashing Brewing Company, it is that you will be hard-pressed to find more consistently, well-executed beers. You may not like everything that they brew, as their styles can be far and wide, but it is clear that they know how to brew a good, solid beer. Next time you’re sitting at Der Biergarten in Sacramento, CA, be sure to look over the menu for something from one of these breweries. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

Free Pretzel at Der Biergarten in Sacramento

That right, simply join out VIP club and get a free pretzel on your next visit. You will simply get text’s once in awhile that will give you deals and free stuff from us. And you can quit anytime. Midtown Sacramento’s best pretzel. Just like Germany.